Initial Thoughts

So… my first blog, where do I start? I am a mature student studying speech and language therapy. I am quite the beginner when it comes to blogging- so please bare with me!

Now being a student, and being that little bit older is often quite difficult. Juggling intensive studying and a family life is like walking on a tight rope! Will I get to the end without falling? 

After completing two years into a four year degree… I am half way there! But I tell you, there has been many a night when I have thought… Would it not just be easier to quit and find a job? Imagine- having money! having a weekend that doesn’t consist of part time jobs and assignments! It sounds amazing- but then I am reminded by my wonderful fiance- that you don’t get anywhere without sacrifice! Putting my life on hold for four years while everybody around us is living life is often difficult.. 

I hope to blog about my feelings about juggling real life and studying, with the odd SLT topic thrown in for good measure. 

If you have any comments I would love to hear from you! are you a mature student? an SLT student? Qualified and can shine a light down the very long and dark tunnel I am travelling through?


They say life is a roller coaster… and I think they’re right- ups and downs are inevitable, but its how you manage them that make you who you are.